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POSTER - Field Training Exam by FilmmakerJ

I love the concept already. A cartoonish parody of old 60's spy movies kinda like Pink wPanther movie series, Spy Hard, Inspector Gadge...



The memories of my failed attempt at making a latex mask of The Mask (I'll post up pics later for it) had made me realize something. For some reason, I have the strange and very powerful urge to sculpt things out of clay now. I just wish that I had the materials with me right now. I have so many ideas for models and sculptures that I wanna try out soon as I get some cash to buy the supplies. 

What cosplay prop or sculpture do you guys think I would be into that I should make for a starter?

Also I'm taking in commissions now. A big sorry to the people I didn't get to yet. I had a lot to deal with in my life namely college that kinda left me unmotivated and uninspired towards my art. If anyone has a commission, comment below, inbox me, or comment on my page. My commissions include cosplay design concept art, drawings, sketch dumps, colors, inking, and future crafts. I'm very limited on my supplies. So, I have to use sharpies, pencil, ink, and other art supplies. I'm thinking of charging at some point, but I might need a bit help with pricing as well as trying to explore different fields of art to have more tools under my belt.
The One-Eyed Sailor At Sea~ Unfinished Version by InsaneAsylum123
The One-Eyed Sailor At Sea~ Unfinished Version

Almost done drawing my "The One-Eyed Sailor at Sea" sketch piece that I started at Starbucks in Five Points South two days ago. I drew this out of bored originally while I was waiting for a friend of mine. ^^ I can't believe that I actually drew this up without really trying. I'm proud of this. I thought about adding in Swee' Pea, Eugene The Jeep, or Bernice the Whiffle Hen sitting on his lap or next to him, but I got into too deep into the drawing to turn back. XD I started finishing this around 4 am this morning after giving it more thought. Guess the smoke shape.

(ARF! ARF! ARF!)> {/);○□3

The One-Eyed Sailor At Sea by InsaneAsylum123
The One-Eyed Sailor At Sea
"The One-Eyed Sailor At Sea"

"Ick's hard ta belives that I dids incredible tings in my prime,
I's seens lots in me long lifetime.
I's traveled da woilds and enjoys everymomeniks,
The stories I's could tells would toin your stomaciks.
I've fought the tuffest creatures and palookas from land and sea,
And I have peoples and strainge ani'mals who loves and fears me.
Oll I have is me cans of spinachik,
It gives me strengths ta fights to da finisk.
Even all the punishments I could takes,
But, yet even I's can go thru heartaches.
Peoples pokes funs of me appearance and I don't givisk a damn,
Because I nos that I yam alls what I yam.
I ain'ts no bad guys. I'm just tuffuk,
I can give out loves but sometimiks I gets notiks enuff.
I loves the seas cuz it'sk nos that I woulds never be alone,
I even coll it, "home sweets home".~"

I actually read and typed this in Popeye's voice. XD Try to read it if you can.
Do you guys think that I should draw more Marx brothers and other vaudevillian comedy team pieces? I've been thinking about it for sometime and there has been a lot of awesome DArtists and pieces that really inspires me to do so along with a lot of classic slapstick comedy films, comics, and novels as well. The idea that has been wrapping around my head a lot lately is to do a series of Marx Brothers pieces that are based around their old movies and plays along with a few OCs that I've based around the Marxes as well. I've also been thinking about doing some fan artworks for comics and podcast audio dramas like Welcome To Night Vale, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Dylan Dog and Cerebus The Aardvark sometime as well as making up Fanfics and OCs for both series. I oddly thought about a crossover between Dylan Dog and Slender Man (mostly) or some of the other CreepyPasta characters. It would seem like a good idea because Dylan made so many crossovers with different and famous movie monsters and urban legends over the years. So, I thought to myself, "how about we give him a modern day creature from this generation. I had a lot of weird ideas about that honestly like what if Dylan met or fought Jigsaw, Hatchet, the raged filled creatures from the "28 Weeks" series, the mutants and zombies from the Resident Evil game or movie series, and among others. XD Hell! I've even thought about Dylan killing off the Twilight vampires and werewolves. I have a lot of ideas over flowing in my mind I don't know what to do. Dx I hope I get them drawn out and sorted out soon as I can. I even have a big Lupin III tribute project that I'm working on with :iconshinreddear: and another friend, :icontastheresidentartist:, that involves trying to make a Lupin scene from the first series into a meme. Wish us luck, guys!!!
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Justin Sneed
United States
Dear Fans,
The name's InsaneAsylum123 & art is my game. I am an inspiring comic book/manga artist and author. I am a huge fan of Japanese Anime such a the works of Monkey Punch (Lupin III, Mankatsu, Alice, etc), Hellsing series and related mangas, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and more. I love watch classic cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Tex Avery, Walter Lantz, etc. I specially love reading comics like The Mask (Dark Horse), Deadpool (Marvel), Agent X (Marvel), The Creeper (DC), Hack/SLASH (Devil's Due), independent/underground comics, etc. I read or watch anything with Slapstick, Action/Adventure, Dark Humor, Horror, Comedy, or Noir-Mystery. Most of this stuff often inspire me in my work. I am a charming, Lovable INSANE artist and bookworm at heart.

Current Residence: Birmingham, Alabama
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Funk, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Blues, ETC.
Favourite style of art: Cartoony, Anime/Manga, Realistic,
MP3 player of choice: Ipod(1st-4th Generation), Ipod Touch, Iphone, Zune
Shell of choice: CoCo
Skin of choice: Any (especially Asian, Ebony, Latina, ETC.)
Favourite cartoon character: The Mask, Deadpool, Cassie Hack & Vlad, Lupin III, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery,
Personal Quote: "Life is INSANE, So Enjoy It While Can"

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