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POSTER - Field Training Exam by FilmmakerJ

I love the concept already. A cartoonish parody of old 60's spy movies kinda like Pink wPanther movie series, Spy Hard, Inspector Gadge...



Unapologentic Angel's Snuzzie by InsaneAsylum123
Unapologentic Angel's Snuzzie
Here's my attempt at drawing Shonda as a realistic version of her character, :iconsnuzzie:. I tried my best at capturing her beauty on this, but I feel that it takes a lot more than a piece of paper to do that.
A Day At The Dali (A.K.A. An Afternoon At The Bay) by InsaneAsylum123
A Day At The Dali (A.K.A. An Afternoon At The Bay)

This was a piece I had to do my architectural art project for my Drawing II class. The project is designed for the artist to create the most unique or surreal building that they could think of that would actually stand or function ( if my paraphrasing was correct). I decided to make a piece paying tribute for both the Marx Brothers and Salvador Dali.

-The building on the beach alone the Ducks is a reference to the Marx Brothers movie, The Cocoanuts~
-The "F" (as in Freedonia) is a reference to Duck Soup~
-The duck and ducklings is a reference to their most famous line, "Why A Duck"?~
-The tie= Zeppo Marx (or rather all four bros.)~
-The top hat and horn= Harpo Marx~
-The glasses, cigar, and mustache= Groucho~
-The Tyrolean hat= Chico Marx~
-Leaning building= Salvador Dali-esque surrealism

The reason why I done this was because Salvador Dali was actually hired by Harpo Marx to make a series of pieces based around the brothers' act and also to direct a film the features the brothers called Giraffes on Horseback Salad. Groucho have rejected idea due to the fact that it didn't make that much since even for a Marx Brothers film and it didn't really sound funny. The film has gone on made that was made in two different adaptations took form as either stage plays or stories. I might try to add on more stuff like more animals and objects referencing difference Marx Brothers films along with palm trees on the island. Do you guys think that I should enter this in the Jefferson State artshow once its completely finished?

*Here's more into on Marx Brothers/Salvador Dali's Giraffes On Horseback Salad:………

Exquisite Corpse Project: Cartoon Duck Feet (Full) by InsaneAsylum123
Exquisite Corpse Project: Cartoon Duck Feet (Full)
I really had a good day in class today. :) We made a few random works for a few exquisite corpses, a collaborative poetry and art game that traces its roots to the Parisian Surrealist Movement, that was passed around the class to work on from each person. I did the head of Popeye as one of the Deep One hybrid citizens of Innsmouth from HP Lovecraft's Shadows Over Innsmouth and also the legs of a cartoon duck with the gloved hand on the third and forth pieces. I took all these pics because this is my favorite project in Drawing II class at Jeff State. I'm really proud of the results on my Lovecraftian Popeye head.This was something that I thought about probably a year or two ago. I've always had this idea in my head but I never actually found a good way to put it on paper till now. What do you guys think?
Do you guys think that I should draw more Marx brothers and other vaudevillian comedy team pieces? I've been thinking about it for sometime and there has been a lot of awesome DArtists and pieces that really inspires me to do so along with a lot of classic slapstick comedy films, comics, and novels as well. The idea that has been wrapping around my head a lot lately is to do a series of Marx Brothers pieces that are based around their old movies and plays along with a few OCs that I've based around the Marxes as well. I've also been thinking about doing some fan artworks for comics and podcast audio dramas like Welcome To Night Vale, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Dylan Dog and Cerebus The Aardvark sometime as well as making up Fanfics and OCs for both series. I oddly thought about a crossover between Dylan Dog and Slender Man (mostly) or some of the other CreepyPasta characters. It would seem like a good idea because Dylan made so many crossovers with different and famous movie monsters and urban legends over the years. So, I thought to myself, "how about we give him a modern day creature from this generation. I had a lot of weird ideas about that honestly like what if Dylan met or fought Jigsaw, Hatchet, the raged filled creatures from the "28 Weeks" series, the mutants and zombies from the Resident Evil game or movie series, and among others. XD Hell! I've even thought about Dylan killing off the Twilight vampires and werewolves. I have a lot of ideas over flowing in my mind I don't know what to do. Dx I hope I get them drawn out and sorted out soon as I can. I even have a big Lupin III tribute project that I'm working on with :iconshinreddear: and another friend, :icontastheresidentartist:, that involves trying to make a Lupin scene from the first series into a meme. Wish us luck, guys!!!
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InsaneAsylum123's Profile Picture
Justin Sneed
United States
Dear Fans,
The name's InsaneAsylum123 & art is my game. I am an inspiring comic book/manga artist and author. I am a huge fan of Japanese Anime such a the works of Monkey Punch (Lupin III, Mankatsu, Alice, etc), Hellsing series and related mangas, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and more. I love watch classic cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Tex Avery, Walter Lantz, etc. I specially love reading comics like The Mask (Dark Horse), Deadpool (Marvel), Agent X (Marvel), The Creeper (DC), Hack/SLASH (Devil's Due), independent/underground comics, etc. I read or watch anything with Slapstick, Action/Adventure, Dark Humor, Horror, Comedy, or Noir-Mystery. Most of this stuff often inspire me in my work. I am a charming, Lovable INSANE artist and bookworm at heart.

Current Residence: Birmingham, Alabama
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Funk, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Blues, ETC.
Favourite style of art: Cartoony, Anime/Manga, Realistic,
MP3 player of choice: Ipod(1st-4th Generation), Ipod Touch, Iphone, Zune
Shell of choice: CoCo
Skin of choice: Any (especially Asian, Ebony, Latina, ETC.)
Favourite cartoon character: The Mask, Deadpool, Cassie Hack & Vlad, Lupin III, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery,
Personal Quote: "Life is INSANE, So Enjoy It While Can"

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